Carpet Cleaning, Portland Maine (Bonnet Method Deep Scrub)

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Guarantees Peace of Mind

Do you hate dust coated carpets? Burns Cleaning is here to do the job for you. We specialize in carpet cleaning in Portland, Maine, and aim to make your office space look clean and fresh. We offer trustworthy and satisfactory carpet cleaning services for your commercial land of all size.

We believe a clean environment is a way to fuel up the productivity. We do use the latest equipment and offer cleaning services at reasonable prices. Our approach will give you lasting results and make you feel satisfied with our cleaning services.

The carpet cleaning services we offer will provide you quick relief from dust, dirt, and unhygienic environment. Our team of expert cleaners always makes sure your cleaning needs will be met at ease without causing any harm to your belongings.

You can give us a call at any time whenever you need to seek assistance with carpet cleaning services. Our executives come to your rescue when hygiene-related problems bother you. At Burns Cleaning, we provide efficient services irrespective of the size of the carpet and your commercial land. We are proud to be the best in the carpet cleaning business. Give us a call and let us work with you.

Burns Cleaning can provide spot, surface, and deep cleaning of your carpets and rugs

  • A deep cleaning of your carpets includes the following:
  • Moving of furniture.
  • Pre vacuum of rugs and carpets
  • Pretreatment and stain removers are applied.
  • Heated extraction (steam cleaning).
  • Application of textile rinse.
  • Bonneting of high traffic areas.
  • Air movers are used to dry carpets.
  • Furniture is put back.

Spot or surface cleaning (bonneting) includes:

  • Evaluate carpet
  • Pretreat and extract stained area or spill
  • Scrub carpet (if needed) with bonnet method till stain is removed

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carpet cleaning service Portland Maine
carpet cleaning Portland Maine
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