Windows and High Dusting

Windows are one of the toughest places where the dust accumulation is higher and difficult to get rid of. They need regular maintenance to maintain a dust-free environment. Get the most efficient Window Cleaning services around Portland Maine, where our executives perform window cleaning at your site. Our services include cleaning of interior windows, wall panes of reception areas and other areas. We also do cleaning for exterior windows up to 4th floor, which is approximately of 45 feet. If there are any places where cleaning is less reachable, our high-dusting services keep your exterior windows clean enough. We have all the right professionals to execute the job with the utmost care.

Burns Cleaning LLC can schedule both recurring or one time cleaning of your Windows or High Dusting

  • Interior windows and wall panes including vestibules and reception areas
  • Exterior windows can be cleaned up to 45 feet (4th floor)

High Dusting:

  • Are you tired of looking up and seeing dust and cobwebs on your ducts, vent, and lighting. We have lifts, ladders, and extension wands that are used with back pack vacuums to clean and capture dirt dust and debris.
  • Items are covered with plastic sheeting prior to dust capture

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